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Greestings to everyone. I am looking forward to learning cool and beneficial things related to the computer here. I am sure that there are a lot of very knowledgeable individuals who are memebers of this site. I'm an engineer, or at least was prior to developing a very serious illness and I am always interested in the inner workings of things not just the utilitarian side of the coin. These machines are very interesting and amazing little devices that can be controlled to perform in so many ways and take an individual all over the world from their own desk top. I listen to nearly every genre of music on this thing, research products of all sorts and locate them when I intend to purchase them, and on many occasions actually make the buy on the machine as well. The name of my computer is, 'Machine'. The first laptop I've ever owned but it is relatively well appointed and considerably fast.

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 Well welcome to Gug!  Make yourself at home.  I think we still have cookies in the kitchen and some drinks at the bar...or milk in the fridge if that's more your cup of tea...either way, glad to meet ya.

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