18th b-day tat

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18th b-day tat

my goal is to get full sleeves when im older..but right no i am slowly adding...my 18th b-day is in 27 days and my first tat i am getting will be either

on my right inner forearm or

on my left inner arm.....


that on my left outter forearm....

what one u think i should get first? 



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Re: 18th b-day tat

 I lurrrrve the floggin molly tat idea!

Have you thought about getting THIS ONE? hehe


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Re: 18th b-day tat

haha honestly thats how i found the site ROFL

Re: 18th b-day tat

hmmm. that depends on if you are planning a long term 'theme' sleeve or just random ink job here & there. if you are going full on random and nothing will relate to the next, then i'd vote for the flogging molly piece.


Re: 18th b-day tat


yah my right arm is going to be all geeky game tats and my left one is going to be all music...im getting all three of these adventually but im tryin to decide on my first one...right now im thinkin bout the NoFx due to simplicity and price lol

Re: 18th b-day tat

I like the first one. I think it would be great in different colors. Tats are fun!

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Re: 18th b-day tat

I vote for the Flogging Molly one!

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Re: 18th b-day tat

all i can say is the first one has TONS of detail so its going to have to be really big if you dont want it to look like a blob in a year. and its going to hurt!

good luck and have fun!


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Re: 18th b-day tat

I personally have quite a few tats and each one is reaally special to me and mean something different. I would suggest a original piece but if you are set to get one of the three i would start with the flogging molly it is the smallest and least detailed and you can get used to the feel of the process ... I hope this helps

Re: 18th b-day tat

I would not get a band tattoo, personally.

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