1st Auto ever

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1st Auto ever

Let's hear it: What was your first auto?


Mine was a 1972 Chevy Nova..



Re: 1st Auto ever

I bought a 1970 Cougar when I was 16 in 1977.  Made payments, bought insurance and gas with money I made at my job at a grocery store. 

Identical to the one below except mine was stock.  No hood scoop, air dam, or rear spoiler.  Mine was white with a black vinyl top and was bad as hell.  351 Cleveland, automatic.  Pioneer 8-track tape player, low-power.. no external amp, going into two deck-mounted 6x9 Pioneer 2-ways.  People said that was the best car stereo they ever heard.

Edit... I blew the engine and sold it.Embarassed

Re: 1st Auto ever

When I was 15 and learning to drive, my dad offered me up a 1967 Pontiac LeMans. After driving it around a bit, I decided I really wanted something a little smaller and maybe a bit newer. So we sold the LeMans to my best friend and I got my Firechicken:

I didn't quite see the potential of the LeMans. With a paintjob and a little work my friend fixed it up quite nicely. My Firebird is no sloutch though. In its prime it was a really quick car. I started off with a Chevy 305, later put in a 350, and after killing that engine replaced it w/ another 350.

I figure I need about 3 grand to get the car back to where I want it to be. I'd love for it to be show quality. The engine is kinda off, it needs paint, needs some interior clean-up. My wife has a Corvette that is falling apart but the engine runs strong. I wonder how hard it would be to drop that in my Pontiac...

Re: 1st Auto ever

So, I'm one spoiled girl.  I came to college far away from my parents and my dad wanted to make sure I had a safe, reliable, car.  He (and my mom) got me an Olds Bravada.  The kids in the dorm envied me until some rich kid got a Mercedes and the brand woo-ed them away from my old people SUV! :)  The Bravada was in an accident six years after I got it and it was totalled.  Still miss that car.

Re: 1st Auto ever

A 1978 Buick Regal.  I busted my butt working at Burger King to save enough money to get it.  $750, bought it from some white trash family, kids running around the driveway wearing nothing but diapers and Kool-Aid mustaches when I went to go look and test drive.  I almost ran over their 6 year old (yes, he was in a diaper, too) as I checked out the brakes (they needed some work).  Paint was chipped, rusted in spots, but I washed and waxed that thing every week, honestly believing I'd "bring the color back".  I learned how to replace a starter, a carburetor and the alternator within the first month.  Not long after, I learned just how difficult it can be to replace a fuel pump.  I swear, sometimes I think that car spent almost as much time on the back of a towtruck as it did with all 4 wheels on terra firma, but she was my first, and I'll always love her.


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Re: 1st Auto ever

My dad bought my 1st car for me. A Mazda 626 and I think I was 18 or 19 at the time. I eventually had it donated because there was too many problems with the car. 

Re: 1st Auto ever

My first car ever was my 06 Nissan Altima 3.5... I got it when I was 18 and I paid for it all by my-self... actually I never imagined my-self driving an Altima...  To be honest I was stuck on a honda civic.. I swear I left the honda dealership crying (yes, i still throw tantrums) because i wanted my civic... Plus the salesman at honda was acting like a complete jerk and forcing me to jump on a used car because "you have to crawl before you can walk" he kept on saying that .. so we left.. The next day we were driving to Toyota... and the boyfriend makes a wrong turn into Nissan... Well turned out to the the best lil mistake ever... The salesman was awesome (and still is a good friend of ours) and I got my Altima.. I didnt negotiate anything because knowing me i'll say i'll take it very easily.. we were there for at least 8 hours.. The boyfriend negotiated wile i sat patiently waiting to take home my new car...  We still have it.. I could never get rid of it after I upgraded.. It was & still is my baby... 


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Re: 1st Auto ever

My first car was a 1977 Chevy Nova. It was green with a green vinyl top. Four doors. It had a 305 V8 with a two barrel carburetor and a turbojet 350 transmission. I paid $600 for it. I have worked since I was in elementary school doing some sort of job. Mostly with horses and for people my parents knew. So earning money for a car was pretty easy. I paid for everything she needed. I did a lot of the work to it and a friend did some stuff I couldn't do. Now when I say work I mean like change oil, replace belts, hoses, etc. I drove that car every where and fast! This car would move. One funny thing is that it drove well, kinda at an angle. It had a cracked rear leaf spring so the rear axle was shifted a little. I guess that's the best way to describe it.This was also the first car I ever put a stereo system in. To the best of my memory, two 15 inch MTX subs, a 300 watt amp of some kind. Two 6 X 9's from Wal-mart and god knows what in the doors. I think I had a tape player. You could hear me coming from blocks away. 

When I left for basic training I gave the car to my brother who drove it until he blew the engine up. I couldn't find a very good picture on the interweb so here's something close. 

1977 Chevy Nova

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Re: 1st Auto ever

My first ever car was a Mini City . This is the exact car that I had and in the same colour too. I actually cried the day I had to get rid of it. One it will be mine again :(


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