2 Cool Code Customizations

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2 Cool Code Customizations

First, I have to give credit to the Mike Industries Blog for these codes. Originally, I posted a link to the blog extension that contained these codes, and a zip file with many details on how to re-write your MySpace layout, but, it appears, that the link was removed from the public forum, due to the sensitivity of the information. However, I believe that these cool little tweaks may be found useful, and not be too questionable for the public.

Second, these codes both need to begin with

; they will not work without entering these pieces into the code.

1) To make your profile show that you have a "billion" friends, enter this:
.redbtext:after {
content: " billion";

2) To add a statement to your "Extended Network" quote/field, enter this:
.blacktext12:before {
content: "YOUR QUOTE HERE ";




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