2 Months Later, How's your New Year's resolution going?

13% (2 votes)
Not bad.
13% (2 votes)
Not so good.
6% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
I didn't make a resolution.
69% (11 votes)
Total votes: 16




I didn't make a new years resolution, but I have a month before I turn 25. I have started some goals that need to be completed before then, and am creating a list of goals to get me to my 26th birthday.

i'm 100% on track with where i want to be. a sign that my resolution(s) were not challenging enough - - or that i 'un-lazied' myself for the sake of a deadline!


Your blogs were part of my motivation to get working on some goals I've been wanting to accomplish!

thank you. i used the 30 day program and quite honestly, started in january but that attempt never took off. too easy to sit on my arse all day here. so when i blogged i had to read it every day. failure was not an option. now i'm back in my groove, so i no longer needed the blogs to get me going. give it a try. or i can PM you every day ....'drill sergeant' style ;)


I might take you up on that. I'll have to pm you the details of my goals so you know what to yell at me when I'm down in the dirt.

I said I didn't make one. I see new years as nothing important. If I want to set a goal for myself, I'll set it anytime during the year that it hits me. Why should we only use one time a year to try and change our lives or where we're going in life? I try ti live every day like its New Years.

For example, I've set a goal for myself that I'm going to fast for lent again this year. So far, its been 5 days since I ate anything solid or drunk anything that wasn't water or pure fruit juice. Did I need to decide this on New Years Eve? Nope. I went at it, and will keep myself to it through Easter day.

Point is, don't live by the excuse of needing a "new year" to get stuff done and to make changes you want to in your life. Search out those things and live my them all year long and try to make changes so by the time the new year comes, you can look back and say, "Wow, look what I did all by myself with nothing pushing me."

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 im too lazy to make resolutions.


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