2012 Is the Year of the Operating System

Windows 8 vs Mountain LionThis year computer users of all kinds are expecting some big changes on the operating system front. Windows users should be getting ready for Windows 8 to drop sometime late in the year and Apple users should be getting ready for Mountain Lion to attack around the same time. Both are going to be major operating system changes so it really will be interesting to see which performs better.

Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain  Lion is the latest major change to OSX and while it is based on the same platform it is a completely new operating system in many ways. Windows 8 is also essentially a completely new operating system so nobody really knows what to expect on either front. The good news is that Apple is officially releasing their developer preview of Mountain Lion today and Microsoft is planning to release a "Customer Preview" version of Windows 8 in the coming weeks.

We can't say yet what the biggest changes or improvements will be, but 2012 will definitely be an interesting year for operating system upgrades.



Mountain Lion isnt all that major of a change, under the hood from the current version of Lion.. What is called the "IOS'iffcation" of Lion/Mac began long ago - and it should culminate in Mountain Lion. Apple's plan is to make the experience of using a Mac/iPhone/iPad as seamless and as similar as possible, end the end making a Mac as simple as intuitive to use as an iPhone or an iPad. Apple will do this the "hard" way, by maintaining two totally different code-bases, IOS and OS X (Mountain Lion).. They look the same, and quack the same, but, very different under the covers.

From what I have read, Microsoft plans the similar divergence of Windows and Windows Phone, but are doing it the "easy" way - meaning the same code on a PC or a phone. Many say this will be the fatal flaw of Windows 8 on Mobile devices, because you just cant fit that round peg into that square (mobile) hole.. Time will tell..

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