2013 Is the Year of the Self Driving Car

Image of 2013 CES logoWe have yet another CES related story to bring you in advance of the show and this time it involves self driving cars. According to a few different sources, both Toyota and Audi are expected to unveil self driving cars at CES this year which should be pretty interesting. Unlike previous versions run by Google these new cars were actually developed and designed by the manufacturers themselves, meaning there is a much higher chance of the cars becoming a reality.

Toyota's car is expected to include a revolutionary new technology that would allow cars to communicate back and forth, essentially creating a complete network of cars, although the exact details obviously haven't been shown. Details on Audi's model are much more scarce as they've been trying to keep things under wraps. All in all it should be pretty interesting to see the driverless cars at CES, hopefully in the future we'll see some more on the road.




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