2yrs for our Lady.C

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2yrs for our Lady.C

Happy 2 Year GuGiversary to LadyCerridwen48...known also as our own Lady.C!

She's full of talent, style, and grace. And when you get to know her like I do, she's full of great 1-liner's and wit!


Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

Congrats :)

when's the party?


Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

I remember Lady C. responding to ... at least one of my questions, maybe more.  You are appreciated.

Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

Congratulations Lady C.   It is ALWAYS a pleasure chatting with you.




"Let em get mad ~ They're going to hate any way ~ Don't you get that ~
Doesn't matter if you go along with their plan ~

They'll never be happy cause they're not happy with themselves"

somewhere over ...
Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

 Congrats on two years!

Have an awesome day!





~Live - Laugh - Love~


Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

Awww, thanks everyone!  I <3 my internet family!


"Which one of these words don't you understand?  Talking to you is like clapping with one hand."

Jayson Krause
Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

AWESOME & Congrats Lady C !!!!

p to the izzle
Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

Lots of two year olds running around here. Happy two years Lady C.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

Congrats!!! Dang! that cake looks yummy!!



.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

i was thinking the same thing...mmm...

congrats ladyc.  put on some James Taylor and celebrate.  



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Re: 2yrs for our Lady.C

 Congrats, LadyC! 





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