35% of Smartphone Users Use Apps Before Getting Up

It may seem like a strange idea but it turns out that 35% of all smartphone users use at least a single non voice app on their phone prior to actually getting out of bed in the morning. The survey from Ericsson (they make phones) found that not only do 35% of users do something with their phone before getting out of bed, 18% of them get on a social network like Facebook before getting out of bed.

It truly is astonishing to realize that smartphone usage has expanded to the extent it has in recent years. Smartphones are now being used by many people in all imaginable cases; including while laying in bed before going to sleep.

Analysts say that this survey basically shows that smartphones have made the internet more impulsive and accessible. Nobody really agrees on if this is a good or bad development but it seems no matter where you look smartphones are taking over.

So, do you use your phone before you get out of bed? I know I have before…




is that including using your iphone as your alarm clock and throwing it on the flaw because its beeping XD

The only thing i do before getting out of bed is smack the snooze-button a few times..

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