3D Printers Can Make Weapons

3D GunA group called Defense Distributed has been working on a unique and interested new firearm that would have been the first of its kind if it was completed. The project, called Wiki Weapon, was aimed at creating the first effective 3D printed handgun. 3D printers have been getting lots of attention lately so it was only a matter of time before weapons became part of it, but this was actually a really cool project.


The handgun was still in development but there had reportedly been multiple tests, unfortunately the project has now been put to a stop. The company behind the 3D printer decided to pull the lease because of what they consider to be illegal activity. Defense Distributed is in fact within their legal rights to manufacture a handgun, simply because they are not planning to sell it. If they ever decided to start selling it then licensing and paperwork would be required but at this point nothing was being done illegally.


It is disappointing to see such a unique project get killed, but hopefully someday soon we will see whether it was actually feasible. Parts of guns have been created using a 3D printer before but this would have been the first full firearm, plus they were planning to share the print files so anyone could print one out.



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