50% of All Cell Phones are Smartphones

Old Style Mobile Phone5 years ago it would have been somewhat of a challenge to find someone that had a smartphone. They were out there, but not in the number that they are now. Today though we know just how common and widespread they've become. The current stats indicate that 50% of all cell phones in America are now smartphones, which clearly shows that there is substantial growth and plenty of potential growth left.

Even more surprising is the current trend data. Analysts believe that by 2016 the number of smartphone sales will double compared to today. Of course it will still take a long time for smartphones to take up 100% of the market but by 2016 it will be pretty close. If you're behind the times and holding onto your dumbphone, now is the time to upgrade. They're getting cheaper and easier to use by the day so you have no reason not to.



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