7/9/08 Microsoft update and Zone Alarm

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7/9/08 Microsoft update and Zone Alarm

I installed a Microsoft update today and when my computer restarted I had internet connection. When I came home from work same problem. I did all the usual stuff before finding out that the update messes with Zone Alarm. I had Zone Alarm Set at High for stealth mode. A temporary fix is to either set Zone Alarm to medium or uninstall the hotfix. Just a heads up for anyone else having this problem. 




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Re: 7/9/08 Microsoft update and Zone Alarm

Theres a big article on CNET about this, and it was actually broadcast on BBC yesterday as well.




MS update and Zone Alarm >>Need Help, please<<

I removed the security update because it cut my internet connection completely even though I lowered my setting on ZoneAlarm. 


My problem now is that ZoneAlarm and Avast are both slowing my connection down.

Are there any compatible and reliable 3rd-party firewalls and freeware (or inexpensive) anti-virus for Vista Home Basic?


p to the izzle
Re: MS update and Zone Alarm >>Need Help, please<<

AVG 8 is free and reliable. Comodo offers a free firewall. I have XP so I can't vouch for their performance on Vista. Here's an older htread with lots of people's opinions on virus protection. 


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