Forkert adgangskode / Incorrect Password

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Forkert adgangskode / Incorrect Password

 Today's edition of Is It Real or Is It A Scam comes to us from our friends in Denmark.  This scam holds a special place in our GrownUpGeek hearts becuase this scam used image files from our website!  In a previous "Is it Real or is it a Scam" we posted an image used in a phishing attempt that included an official looking Visa logo.  The scammers of the email below used that Visa Logo image from in the email that they have spammed out to everyone in Denmark. 


Forkert adgangskode

Du har givet en forkert adgangskode til Verified by Visa er tre gange og skal derfor starte et andet. For at gøre dette, skal du kontrollere dine oplysninger nedenfor. Så snart din nye adgangskode er aktiveret, kan du identificere dig og betale med kortet i Verified by Visa-tilknyttede butikker.

Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode password skal ændres på grund af mange mislykkede logins

Skift dit password!

Roughly translated, this email goes something like this:


incorrect password

You have given an incorrect password for Verified by Visa is three times and must therefore start another. To do this, make sure your information below. Once your new password is enabled, you can identify yourself and pay by card in Verified by Visa-affiliated stores.

Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode password to be changed because of many failed logins

Change password!

Like so many others, this is a scam - a 'phishing' attempt designed to trick you into clicking the link, which goes to and entering your password and credit card account information which the scammers will then capture.  We are guessing that at some point in the past the webserver at was hacked and collecting passwords but it appears to be safe as of today.  
As noted by comments of several of our Danish friends that sent us the warnings about our image being used by these scammers, this appears to be a pretty lame and non-functional attempt at password phising.



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