Getting my friend’s IP address

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Getting my friend’s IP address

Hello everyone. I need some help. I need to find my friend address because she's in trouble and I'm afraid she is going to something to herself. She asked me for a help but then we were arguing, but she is in really bad mood. Is there any chance i can get her her IP address to get to know where she live? Mby someone can help me? I can give you a friendly pay. Ty


Re: Getting my friend’s IP address

Getting someone’s IP address is not fast/easy.. But it is very doable..
Getting someone’s home address from that IP address is basically/realistically not possible without law enforcement or an attorney to convince a judge to issue a subpoena to the person’s internet service provider.

If you are genially concerned about the well-being of your friend you should call her/her parents, or contact the local police immediatly..

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