Myspace page is messed up

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Myspace page is messed up

I got these Black bars two at top and one at botton The top where it says MY it has My I_________I or something that looks like that and if I put my mouse on it it grows leaves and eyeballs sprout from it dropping to the page. Then if I get on farmtown I can't see my xp points or coins cause one of the black strips are covering them.And if I put my mouse over the My ---- in farmtown it will bring up a stuffed mounted deer head and its tongue hangs out and wraps around its head and horns and slobbers drip from it. Anybody else seen this my daughters is doing the same thing and we have two seperate PC.



Re: Myspace page is messed up

Never heard of anything like this, but it sounds like she may have installed something "fun" on the computer or maybe while in Myspace.

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