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A good starting point
  • idocs -- a good starting place for HTML, along with a nice reference list of HTML tag's that gives a good explamantion of each tag.
  • w3c Schools.com -- complete reference for HTML tags, though the tags are poorly explained. Along with dry but thorough tuturiols on HTML, xhtml, CSS, XML, XSL, SQL, RSS, et al.
  • Quirks Mode.org -- great reference on tag's, with extensive documentation on how different browsers support different tag's.

they are listed in the order inwhich came about using them. Quirksmode is deffinately the most helpful to me now, but Idoc's is the best place to get started. w3c Schools is dry to the point of causing headaches, but it can still be helpful and is where I learned both CSS and xhtml



Re: A good starting point

Isaac, thank you so much. this is exactly what i was lookingfor when i posted my comment about tutorials. too bad it wasn't done like that on this site. thanks again, juliek

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