A myspace comment pain

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A myspace comment pain

I have a myspace comment problem.I have a comment on my page which was posted by BIGFAMARRANGEMENT whose password was possiby compromised. And the comment says EVER WANTED TO SEE WHO VIEWS YOUR CHECK IT. I have over 80 comments on my page, and when this comment was posted it has blocked or hidden all 80 comments. And the main problem is this comment does not have a (delete comment) so I cannot delete it. can someone e-mail me on how to delete this comment from my page.



Re: A myspace comment pain

Edit your profile under safe mode and click on the tab that reads 'comments' - you can delete it from there.

Re: A myspace comment pain

All you need to do is go to edit profile, then in the top right hand corner it says edit profile in safe mode. Then you click on comments. You will be able to delete any of the comments you want gone including those spam comments.

Tom posted many messages about how to do this

Re: A myspace comment pain

go to "edit profile", then click "safe edit mode" towards the top right of the page.  Once there, you will see 3 tabs, groups, comments and images.   Click "comments", and you should be able to delete the offending spam comment from there.  Once you do so, the rest of your comments should go back to normal.  Good luck.

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