a very specific Firefox question

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a very specific Firefox question

Not knowing the correct terminology, I had a hard time looking for a Firefox add-on that does what I'm looking for.

My need is this - a placeholder sort of function. A way to set my browser to return to a specific place on a webpage when its reloaded, rather than having to scroll down.

For example, when I hit home and I'm taken to my earthlink start page. I'd want my browser to automatically scroll down to the relevant area. below the sponsored links and such I have no need for (usually, anyways). Or even on a Yahoo start page - have the page "nudged" a bit down so I don't see the header and search bar (but I can scroll up for it if I want).

Or even GuG (to use as an example only! ;-)) - is there an add on so when I come to the site, it scrolls below the header so you immediately see all content. Mind you, I don't want to *block* anything (that can be done with ABP), I just want to customize exactly where on a page I want to "land" when I come to it. Does this make any sense?

I wish I could put it better - I can explain more and give better examples if needed. I could probably screenshot an example.

I guess I can assume that since it's so hard to explain that I'm looking for an add on to customize where on a page you want the "top" to be that it probably doesn't exist and can't be done. But if anyone knows of something or a tweak....


Re: a very specific Firefox question

...yeh, thats pretty specific...
...so even if someone scripted ot for themselves they might not think anyone else is interested...
...you can use the ctrl+f find function if you know there is a unique word on that part of the page...
...and it will snap to it...
...in the meantime...

Re: a very specific Firefox question

Try these elle-and post back if either one works for you, if so, I may give em a try also:

this one looks the most promising:


this one might work, but hasn't been updated in a while:



Re: a very specific Firefox question

Thanks jewels - I've used both of those and neither did exactly what I wanted. Believe me, I scoured the add-on website for anything that sounded remotely close to what I needed.

I forget which one, but one of them didn't recognize the text on the site I want to use it on, it searched just for paragraphs - and the other just took too long to right click and "activate". They may be useful for others who have a different purpose in mind, however. I did keep the Book Text Mark to enable for other uses. Great to have when my blog reading is interrupted by a phone call.

I guess I kind of solved my own problem to an extent by playing with Firefox options so I'll post my solutions here in case anyone else is curious - 

First, by disabling (unchecking) auto-scrolling. This makes it so that when you're on a webpage and scroll to a certain area then refresh, you're taken back to where you were rather than at the top of the page. Most people likely know this, but I had no idea what auto-scrolling meant.  This would have been great on the old eBay - when the price was a bit further down and you had to scroll to see it. I was a bit of a sniper back in the day, doing those last-10-seconds bids and that required a LOT of refreshing/reloading the page.

Secondly, full-screen mode. Pressing the F11 key. That'll get you more content on a webpage depending on how much you have up there on your toolbar to begin with.

I'd still love something that would do it all faster, but these were useful discoveries for me that will make do for now.

Thanks for your input jewels! 

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