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okay, i admit i am not internet savvy.  i have picked up a few bugs over the years with no idea how it occurred.  however, something unusual happened this weekend and I wanted to ask some of the tech folks out there what it means.

on Saturday, i was browsing through a few sites for scrapbook embellishments, and this popup message, appeared.  it seemed to be generating from Winpatrol and it said that my background had been changed and to click "yes" to accept.  i hit "no', and 15 minutes later it popped up again asking me to accept the change.  it had "about:blank" indicated on the bottom.  this went on for a few hours, and finally, while typing an email, it popped up while i was hitting the space bar, and then went away.  it did not come back that day however by Sunday, Modzilla Firefox stopped working correctly.  it would not allow me to go to certain pages, took a long time to load, etc.  every time it blocked me from a page, it showed "about:blank" as the internet address but would remain a blank page.  i eventually grew tired of it when i could not even access GuG.  i reinstalled firefox and now everything seems to be hunky dory.

but is it?  should i worry that it will start blocking me again?  what the heck was it anyway?




Re: about:blank

sounds like you had spyware or something on your computer.  Do you have winpatrol for intrusion detection?  Because winpatrol, from what i know & just read, winpatrol uses a heuristic behavioral approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment. Traditional security programs scan your hard drive searching for previously identified threats. WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. If everything is working okay now, you probably wont run into the same issue, but i would run a spyware scan on your computer & i would download hijackthis, bc you may have gotten the about:blank homepage hijacker.  When you run hijackthis, hit the option for scan & save results to notepad. Copy & paste the results at  hijakcthis.de  & they will tell you what is safe & what isnt.




Re: about:blank

I may be being too overly observant or "paranoid" but it seems that lately--something weird is going on with firefox mozilla lately. It just is being different than it's normal pattern. 

My computer wigged out for the first time since I bought my computer. It was around the time I was messing with the repetitive update boxes for FFmozilla. But, it may have been a coincidence because I don't know for sure exactly what I was doing at the time that my computer decided to go crazy on me.

I totally enjoy all of the awesome features it has on Firefox myspacemozilla and I hope all is well with it. But, most likely everything is cool, and I am being to cautious.

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