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about trackers

i´ve been hearing a lot about them being agains the TOS and that profiles are actually getting deleted because of them... i used to have the invisible mixmap but all of a sudden it stopped working so i deleted it... after that i started to hear people saying how they steal personal information in your computer and also hacks your friends profiles... is that true? i really know nothing about it... i don´t know if it´s a rumor to avoid people getting trackers or if they are really that much harm... thank you for explaining.



Is it able to find out who is using a myspacetracker? That will be great.

re: trackers

View the code source, but you have to know what you're looking for.  Some are hidden pretty well.

trackers 2

thank you for your answer. But there is just one more question ;-)
i think i know what tracker makes his "work" , so when i go to the profil to check this... where do i take a look first?

re: trackers 2

It all depends on where it's placed.  Most place it in the 'About Me' section.  It can be pretty much anywhere, even in the headline.

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