access denied on optical drives

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access denied on optical drives

I have two profiles for XP, one admin, one power user user. It doesn't which one I log into first, the other gets access denied on all optical drives, even the daemon tools virtual drives. It must be something I've loaded recently, but I can't find it. The last thing I figured it might have been was CloneCD because that has an option to lock the drives. I unchecked that option, which didn't help, then uninstalled, still no access. Any ideas on where to look next? Is there a registry setting to look for that got set and not unset with some app? Any ideas are appreciated.


Re: access denied on optical drives

Have you tried uninstalling the application in your Admin account?  Anything through a power user will not allow you to tweak system settings.  If that doesn't work, unplug your optical drive cable, turn on computer, turn off, plug it back in, restart, and it should notice the "new" drive.

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