Account set up / deletion

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Account set up / deletion


I made an account. I hit the verify email address link, but never got a verification email.

Also I looked and there was a myspace account confirmation email. I did not clink on that link (saw it two days later). Why is it that sometimes they send an account confirmation and sometimes an email verification or both?

Also if I did NOT click on that link to verify the account how long does it take till the account is no longer valid? I tried logging in a few days after it was set up and the system could not find me. Does this mean that any messages I sent from this account were cancelled in the person's box with an X over them since I could not log in? Thanks for your help!

How many times do you have to request CANCEL ACCOUNT before you get the email for cancellation? I have been trying for 2 hours to delete an account and it has not come yet. : )


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