Advice On Best Practices After Restoring My PC

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Advice On Best Practices After Restoring My PC

Steve here... HP Pavilion 64 Win7. Finalizing my backup and ready to do a complete restore.

I want to do this right and be wise in how I re-launch, use and protect my computer and cyber life. Any suggestions, learning experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated (other than switching to Mac ;). I'm not new to the sport but this is the time to take my layman game to the next level.

Examples: 1) Would you choose FireFox over IE? or? and why?
2) What programs would you use to protect you computer and cyber life and why?
3) Search Engine?
4) Mail program?
5) Any other wisdom and advise you feel I would benefit from...

Very happy I found this site,

Kind Regards,


Re: Advice On Best Practices After Restoring My PC

Here is my advice:

1) YES - use ANYTHING other than IE! Firefox or Chrome are both faster and safer/less prone to many hacks, security holes, and "drive by's"
2) Any NON-FREE (ie; paid) Antivirus like Avast or AVG - whatever you do, do not get a "security suite" - they are always bloated and try to do way more than you probably need
3) Personal preference. I like Google (as does most of the world). If you're paranoid about being tracked when you search (i'm not), try DuckDuckGo
4) Personal preference - but I recommend NOT using your ISP provided email (AOL, Verizon, Charter, etc) - if you use something like Gmail or Yahoo mail, you don't have to worry about changing your email address if you fire your ISP
5) - YES! Always be in CONTROL of your computer - Know what is installed on it, and why. Only install software that you NEED and uninstall software that you don't need. The more stuff that is in your computer, the more there is to go wrong and slow it down.
6) Stop being paranoid about viruses and other silliness, and get a Mac and just USE your computer! - I know, you asked for advice OTHER than this, but I always recommend at least learning about the differences between Windows and a Mac so you can at least make an informed decision about whether or not to make the switch.

Re: Advice On Best Practices After Restoring My PC
Lol!!!! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the Mac push... Lol!!! I plan on doing just that, get a Mac, but this HP is too new and I'm a tight wadd... soon. I soooo appreciate the camaraderie and how you treat people as an equal or a friend. Very refreshing and I know a ton of people :) I'll get on it and report back as to how things are getting along after the restart. Again, thank you! Steve

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