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Fort Worth, Texas Tarrant County.  I looked up the Bakers Act and I think that is just a Florida thing.  She has a caseworker her mom said but I have no idea who that person is or even with. 

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 check the website for the Substance Abuse division of Tarrant County MHMR. appears to have a lot of info and resources. That may be where she has a caseworker. They likely can't tell you much about the particulars of her case (or even confirm they have her on their caseload due to confidentiality rules and HIPAA) but they can definitely listen to your concerns and take it from there.

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Thanks, I will check it out.  I just spoke to a facility here that does assments and rehab, they said since she is already in the system and is not willing to get help CPS is really the only way I can do anything.  But I am still going to look at this website there has to be more out ther. 

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Texas Prenatal Protection Act of 2003

here also is an excellent piece from The NewStandard Independent of Texas that references several cases in Texas of which some were actually overturned. the article itself is worth a read and may also send you in the right direction in pursuit of help.

the baby can be tested at birth, at which time the birth mother can be arrested for illegally transferring drugs in-utero to her unborn child.

from the article --> Tracy Yolanda Ward admitted to using crack cocaine while pregnant, after her newborn son tested positive for cocaine in 2003. Rhonda Tulane Smith, whose daughter was tainted with methamphetamine at birth, confessed to drug use while pregnant that same year. Both were sentenced to five years probation in 2004 for transferring drugs to their fetuses.

so maybe you can put the fear in SIL now & let her know she can be convicted at the birth of her child & say goodbye to the first 5 years of her childs life.



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Wonderful thank you so much!!!

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First off..I'm very happy to see how much support all of you have given! Im glad that even though most of us are strangers, we all can help one another... I didn't post anything, but I see that most of you have  got some great helpful answers.. Its dissapointing sometimes to see how pregnant women can careless about their baby.

I was at the lake yesterday and on my way to jump on a jet ski I notice a big group of people around my age. Within that group, there was a very very pregnant woman who looked like if she was in her early 20's.. I was outraged to see she had a lit up cigarette on one hand (that she was smoking) and a beer in another!! I wanted to go and tell her off soo bad, but I didnt even know the girl.. It really bothers me to see how careless can some women be, I mean if you want to drink & party DONT get pregnant!! I can imagine what type of a mother she'll turn out to be! I think it affects me more because I have a family member who their unborn baby was their everything and in the end they lost her. Till this day I see soo much sadness in them. I still remember how excited the family was for her arrival, and the "welcome home" banner that hung on her beautiful pink baby room... It just sucks sometimes...


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ah...i kinda figured (see my post below) i am so sorry to hear it. i was hoping i was wrong and she would be one of the few that really wanted to start clean.

i think if you call cps and get more of the drs help on this and go with whatever advice they can give you...even if you just walk into the ER, health dept, or rehab clinic and ask someone...they should definately know what you can do, who you can call, and what will work.


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