Aliens, do they exist?

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Aliens, do they exist?

Neil Armstrong said “we were warned to stay away from the moon,¨ but he
would not elaborate on what he meant by this.

Upon landing on the moon Neil stated several strange things which he would not elaborate on.

Here is just a snip of some factual statements by Neil and the astronauts while they were on the moon.
Apollo: These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't
believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up
on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!



More interesting info

At this time when we went to the moon there was a huge project to have a base on the moon. After Neil was warned off the moon, no man has ever returned to the moon.

Last Man on the Moon. AS17-140-21391 - In December of 1972, Apollo 17
astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt¡¨

Yes, the last man on the moon was in December 1972. After all these years of improved technology, etc, we have refused to return to the moon.

To top it off, we refuse to look closely at the moon. The Hubble telescope will not look at the moon. They claim that it is too bright, although the Hubble looked at the moon to see how it absorbed light. The Hubble took it at the worst resolution that you can take it at (the same resolution that you can get here on Earth). The Hubble also has the ability to take shots in other color bans (infrared etc). These images were not released.

More hubble info>

Aside from all this, I would suggest that you look at Youtube and type in a search for like "Skunk works" and “Anti-Gravity" A retired director for Lockheed Martins top secret skunk works has some very interesting interviews in there. Probably the best info out of this whole post. He says things like we already have the means totake E.T. home, and “we already know everything about Anti-Gravity, but it would take an act of God for you to learn anything about it.” This is the retired director! Not some random person off the street.

When I get home I may link a few more UFO case study things :P Still at work.



Re: Aliens on the moon

well now i'm confused because i just got thru reading that all those moon-landings were hoaxes..

Re: Aliens on the moon

This site totally shows the NASA program for what it was - one big hoax.

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

These have always been my answers to the UFO/extraterrestrial questions.

Q: Do other life forms exist in the universe?
A: Yes!

Q: Have they visited our solor system?
A: No!

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

I agree.

It would be very preposterous of us as the highest and most intellectual species on this planet to completely rule out that no other planet could possibly support life, given that we know there are billions of stars and other planets out there.

But little green men with bulbous heads and big gray eyes turning our cows inside-out and administering random body cavity probes? Not so much.. 

Almost Evil
Re: Aliens, do they exist?

all hail anal probes!

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

I belive there are other forms of life with inteligence in the universe. From what we know this thing is so imense, why we would be the only ones to habitate it?

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

You're such a nerd, M2.  NERRRRRRD ALERT!!!!

And the moon landings were fake...aliens do exist and Santa Claus is real.

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

Well regardless of whether or not the posted information was a hoax or not, I think it's naive to assume that our little tiny planet...barely a speck floating around in the entire the only place where life with intelligence exists. I do think their are other forms of life out there, however, do I think those forms of life are parked on the moon? very unlikely.

but i mean, we've found traces of life--perhaps nothing of intelligence or nothing humanlife-- relatively near. for instance, the meteor taken from antarctica which found fossil evidence of bacteria. of course, a few microscopic blobs don't prove that aliens exist, it also works at disproving earth being the only source of life out there. as far as the validity of that whole situation, no one knows for sure.

It's really just one of those things no one can give a definite answer to. I've heard many stories of "UFO" experiences from lots of do we know which ones are made-up, which ones are imagination getting carried away, and which are, somehow, factual? We really don't and right now, no one can give evidence that "aliens" exist, but there isn't any reason to NOT believe they exist. I mean, there's so much we DON'T know about the universe. why doubt?

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

[quote=thephoenix] I think it's naive to assume that our little tiny planet...barely a speck floating around in the entire the only place where life with intelligence exists [/quote]

My thoughts exactly! 

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

Re: Aliens, do they exist?

I saw a UFO when I was in high school.  Actually we were under the influence and were driving close to a small airport.  Even in my altered state, I figured out it was a plane but one of the guys in the car thought differently.  He reported it to our local paper and gave names.  Embarrassing.


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