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My iPod Nano

iPod NanoAlmost forgot that a few months back, we posted  a review of my new (at the time) Nano, and we also posted a review on some great cases to keep it protected.

Check 'em out.





I really want a Zen... had a

I really want a Zen... had a 15 Gb full size iPod, crashed alot.

Re: My iPod Nano

i just recently bought the ipod nano second gen its kool and everything but i have noticed that its slightly longer that the first gen. i have some protectors from the first gen ipod but they dont seem to fit properly. are there any protectors made especially for the second gen ipod?

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Re: My iPod Nano

I got an Ipod nano for Christmas. It started acting crazy. I thought it was broke. Not sure what was wrong with it, but I left it alone for a couple days then re-charged it. Now it is working. So if yours is acting crazy, it probably isn't broke. Dont panic

Re: My iPod Nano

I have a first generation Nano and had no problems with it until this past week. Songs were missing and the album artwork was all switched around. I reset my Nano, recharged the heck out of it and so far so good.

As far as protectors, there are clear "stickers" that can be purchased and fit over the entire body of the Nano. They go a long way to protect from scratching.

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Re: My iPod Nano
hahah that thing looks ancient like stone age!

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