OSX vs XP - opinions

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OSX vs XP - opinions

I just have to say:
After using my new 24inch iMac for about a week now, OSX blows away XP so hard, in every way, i can't belive it.. I'm not new to OSX, but sometimes i just can't believe how much better, prettier, simpler, faster, and smoother it is than XP !
My only complaint would be that lack of Mac support from some software vendors - I'm hoping though, that as Mac sales pick-up now that they are using Intel processors, software manufacturers will begin to realize that Mac users are no longer such a tiny piece of the market.. (and, Mac sales ARE picking up !)

So, for people that have used BOTH XP and OSX, please post your honest opinion on which you prefer, and why..



Apple Mac vs XP - Which is better.. your opinion..

Oh, forgot to mention -
One of the other things i love about my new iMac (and my previous one), is that it didn't come with 20 different "trail" software packages cluttering it up or slowing it down like most Windows PC's.. It DID however come with a few of best pieces of software available, to do exactly what i want to do:
iPhoto for my pictures, iTunes for my music, iDVD, and iMovie for movie editing and DVD creation - Each of which are better than ANY XP program i've ever used..

dont even get me started on how cool Frontrow is.. particularly on that awesome 24 inch screen!

well, firstly; I won't touch

well, firstly; I won't touch the KDE desktop on my FreeBSD system, simply cause they have this annoying habit of naming every application associated with the KDE Desktop something that begins with the letter "K", and half the time it should start with "C", they just subsitute the "C" with a "K" cause it's KDE desktop, you know?.... so don't even get me started on the "iDVD", "iMovie, "iTunes", "iPod", "iMac", "iEtc".  As far as Linux/BSD goes, it's all Gnome/BASH for me; and honestly that annoyance to turn me off to Mac's..... I can't stand iTunes; hell that's the biggest thing I hated about having an iPod, having to have that crappy software on my computer.... with Windows Media Player, building playlists and algorythems for auto-playlists is a synch.  Though ultimately now I am using Apolo Media Player which only has one advantage over Windows Media Player, and that is it's support of .ogg vorbis; otherwise Windows Media Player is better then it in so many ways

otherwise, there are the various other applications that they advertise.... like programs for getting the pictures off of you digital camera.... these programs annoy me to no end; it seems much easier and of much less strain on both the computers processing powers and yours to just access the digi camera as a drive and cut-paste the pictures to the directory you want them saved.... and various other applications that they advertise that resemble the crap free software apps that come with scanners and printers.... I perfer Jasc to Adobe, but use Gimp cause it's free and is almost as good as Jasc.

all that being said; other then some infamularity with the interface; they are about equal...

cept for hardware.... now that mac is going intell, though I don't know why they don't get AMD chips (somewhat slower for dedicated tasks, but better for multitasking and less prone to crashes)


Mac vs XP apples Vs oranges. The bloat of XP can be dealt with easily. You have to remember alot of those trial programs are mandated by the goverment to keep bill from taking over every segment of the software market. The biggest drawback for people like myself who like to have a part in making there own rig is all you can do with a Mac is upgrade it, you can't make your own. The only thing I like about the Mac is the battery life on my notebook is better, other than that I would rather have a PC with a dual boot of XP and Linux.

Re: OSX vs XP - opinions

I have had numerous PC's in the past and they all seem to get flooded with viruses, and within about 2 years time they are worthless. i have had my Mac notebook for about a year and a half and it still runs like I got it yesterday! I Love Mac and would never go back to a PC. The Mac is easy to navigate and the programs are amazing! I love how everyhting is automatically set up to be used together. It looks better and it works better. The only downfall is what is compatible with it. The web browser Safari tends to not be real compatible with some websites, it does have internet explorer on it but after using safari I don't really like IE. And the programs are still mostly for PC's! Other than that I love my mac and would tell anyone to get one!

Dave Smooth
Re: OSX vs XP - opinions

Wow...the good old Mac/Windoze debate. Honestly, I love both, but IMO opinion OSX is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I remember way back in the day getting developers preview 3 and falling in love with it. Finally someone took an awesome source and put a pretty picture to it. And the fact that Macs aren't prone to virii and spyware is one of the best qualities. One thing that I really like is the dock. Sure you can sort of get something like that on XP with 3rd party stuff, but it never seems to work as seamlessly as the dock in OSX. And as more and more stuff gets ported to OSX, someday I'll probably just retire my PC to an mp3 server.


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Re: OSX vs XP - opinions

OSX totally surpasses XP...the speed alone sets it apart...not to mention the fact that i've had my ibook longer than ive had my New PC and already XP has frozen up on me where I've never had that issue with OSX...ever!!

Re: OSX vs XP - opinions

I say that both of them have their own ups and downs. Because I am a student, I need to be able to pull up a laptop quickly without waiting for it to start up. It seems like my Sony Vaio laptop takes ages to start up. That is partly because all the antivirus softwares need to start. The bad part about XP is that you can't really put it to sleep like my macbook.

Re: OSX vs XP - opinions

Seeing as when you first posted this I did not have a Mac, I still had my Compaq, I could not compare.  In fact, I would have said that Macs were cultish and not compatible with everything that I needed.  I have since found that I am more happy with my Macbook than I have ever been with a PC.  Definitely the OS on Macs are much better than Vista or XP.  Runs smoother, NO crashes, or freezes, just great all around.  I have only been frustrated once.

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