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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

OMG, i forgot about Fight Club, Silence of the lambs, Usual Suspects! 7 was awesome. I know that there will be more for me gush over as people's choices come in! juliek

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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

I can't believe nobody said Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Hands down my favorites. Aside from Skateboarding videos but I don't think those would count.
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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

LOTR should definitely be on the list. I even read all the books like a zillion years ago.

Re: All Time Movie Favorites

I wanted to add:

Apocalypse Now: Redux

O Brother Where Art Thou?




Re: All Time Movie Favorites

Alright since some you guys put all the macho tough guy stuff, I'll start the girly girl, not so tough guy movies:

The Goonies (who could forget this one?)

Sixteen Candles (for all the lovestruck out there)

and finally last, but not least....

The Breakfast Club (I know that we all have one or more traits of those characters!!!)

FYI....When my stepbrother was married at the The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Co. that inspired Stephen King for The Shining, there was NO WAY I was staying there over night!!!! And then seeing the "Ghost Hunters" Halloween Episode, I will forever stand by my decision not to stay there! That place is creepy even in the daylight! But it actually made me appreciate the movie even more. fav all time movies

1. Hope Floats

2. Gone in 60 Seconds (I love Eleanor!!!!!!!!)

3. The Notebook 

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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

I know it's a little too new but I'm going to watch it at least 300 more times, and that is 300. I saw it at the iMax and man is it brutally good. Even the ladyfriend loved it. Of course two hours of ripped masculine men didn't hurt. Yeah, definetly 300.
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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

the machinist with christian bale is one of my fav's, if you haven't seen it i highly recommend! 

ferris buellers day off, 

full metal jacket,

devil's rejects(chinese, japanese, dirty knees, look at these!!!)  

what's eating gilbert grape

oh and i love cheesy kurt russel movies ala captain ron, escape from LA(pliskin is da man!!),overboard.

like it says in my profile, i looooooove movies!!!! there's way to many i could ad. 

Re: All Time Movie Favorites

I'll have to agree with Happiness.
Mind Walk
Waking Life
Blue Velvet(Cracks me up everytime)
Gummo(No plot what-so-ever)
Bomb The System
Happy Accidents
Va Savior

Re: All Time Movie Favorites

I LOVED Happy Accidents. It was kind of strange but what a great story. And Vincent D'Onofrio was supreme with his character.

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Re: All Time Movie Favorites

 My latest favorite's see if this sentence will tell you.

Do Not Seek The Treasure.

Yep, that's one of my favorites.  And I love The Saint and I love watching Miss Congeniality over and over.  You want to kiss me... It makes me giggle.

And then again, I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan. 

About two years ago I made a list of all the DVD's we owned, mostly to keep track of them, because they kept getting borrowed.  We love movies in our house and won't go to the theater so we can own the movie.  (Well, hubby and I won't go), until The Grudge came along and he drug me to that one.  Eewwwww. 


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