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Scarlet Red
Also New

Just introducing myself...trying to learn the site. Need some help. Glad I found y'all.


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[quote=Scarlet Red] Glad I found y'all. [/quote]

right on. another newbee! we're glad you found us. and might i say i am so diggin the user id:  Scarlet Red!

our site is so rockin' right now. we've had new people join everyday ....several a day! quick intro *drum roll* i'm 2na a site mod. animestrinity is also one. Hubby runs this kingdom and keeps us ALL in line.

there is pretty much a little bit of everything here. have fun looking around and if you need any assistance, any member with this badge Certified Member Helper or these 

I'm Trusted Premium Member!Awesome Member! can help too.

welcome. pleased to have you.



Re: Also New

yes scarlet red very sassy! i likey. welcome and let us know if we can help and also when you bring the cookies. we need to assign days. hhee

~No pressure, no diamonds.~

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