Am I blocked or is the Facbook account deactivated?

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Am I blocked or is the Facbook account deactivated?

Has someone very recently blocked me, or have they very recently deactivated their FaceBook account?

1) We were past FaceBook friends, but due to a complicated situation, he deleted me. Until very recently, I could still access his FaceBook profile (but not personal info, photos other than his profile photograph, or wall), I could still PM him, and still had the option of poking him and (re)adding him as a FaceBook friend.

2) Currently, I can still view our past PM's, however, until very recently, his name is in black (no longer linked blue) and his profile picture is removed. Clicking on his name in our PM's does nothing (so I'm assuming sending him a new reply wouldn't work?).

3) Until very recently, his name is missing from mutual friend's friends' lists, his other friend' friend's list, as well as his girl friend's friends' list.

4) Until very recently, past comments he'd made on my wall that were visible after he deleted me as a FaceBook friend are now missing.

and lastly,

5) Until very recently, I can't find his FaceBook profile by typing his name or his only known e-mail address in the FaceBook search engine nor the google search engine (whilst logged out of FaceBook). --- I didn't know his FaceBook id number.

With the information I have provided, DID HE BLOCK ME, OR HAS HE DEACTIVATED HIS ACCOUNT?

(And just out of curiosity: If he reactivates his account or opens up a new account with an alias using his current e-mail address, will this evidence show up in our past PM's?)



Re: Am I blocked or is the Facbook account deactivated?

You might be blocked... His Facebook might be deactivated.
Easiest way to tell is to have someone else see if they can view his account. Or, create a new account and see if you can view his Facebook page from your new account.

If someone else can see his profile or if you can see it from your new account, then you are most likely blocked. If nobody can see his profile, then he may have deactivated it.

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