Amazon Breaks The Internet

The internet is BROKEN

In the past Amazon has had some issues with their cloud based web hosting. Amazon’s EC2 hosting is used by thousands of websites, many of which are very large and popular, and yesterday these sites once again found out what happens when the service goes down. Amazon had an unexpected outage that took down a significant portion of their hosting which brought the internet to it’s knees.

Sites affected by the outage included Imgur, Foursquare, Reddit, and a whole lot more; the good news is that the issues are now resolved, but the outage lasted nearly all day yesterday. This is just another solid piece of evidence showing just how fragile the internet can be. A few outages here and there might not be a huge issue, but they can be a really big issue when cloud hosting is used.

Still no word from Amazon on what caused the downtime, for now it is just nice to have the entire internet back.





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