American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

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Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

Somebody needs to stop these idiots at American Pro Energy. They call all the time. At first we were very polite and just said we weren't interested. The next time we asked to be taken off their list. After that we would end up yelling in the phone because the person on the other end isn't responding to our request. Now when they call they don't even say anything but make stupid noises. How childish!! I would NEVER buy anything from them now after the way they have harassed my husband and me.

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Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

Got my fourth call from them yesterday. This time I asked for a supervisor, and was told that all the supervisors were in a meeting. Rita asked why I wanted to speak with a supervisor, and I explained that I'd tried repeatedly to get them to click "Do Not Call" for me and that did not seem to be working. She said they don't have a "Do Not Call" list - either they really are complete idiots or of course they have one. She hung up on me after a short argument.

I live in the SF Bay Area. I haven't kept careful track, but am pretty sure that all the calls have come from a 408-290-69xx number. The last two digits have been 27, 46, 34, and 58. On two previous occasions I have asked to be put on their Do Not Call list and have been assured that would happen. Our litigious society really bums me out, but I am thinking that maybe a class action suit will be the only way to put an end to this. Or maybe I just need to block 99 numbers....

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Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

I've had something like 20-30 calls in the last five months. I've spoken with managers, threatened legal action, etc.

They claim:
*They are not selling anything
*They are not subject to "Do Not Call" lists because they are not selling anything
*They do not have a "Do Not Call" list.


I'm going to join a class action suit. :) Frankly, I don't want any money. I just want them to get sued for enough money to go out of business and set an example for other such companies.

Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

I have been on "do not call list" since 2009. I have asked them so many times to stop. They don't care.
American Pro Energy
5632 Van Nuys
Los Angeles CA 91401
File complaint with FTC:
File complaint with FCC:
CA Attorney General's Office:

Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

They are rude, arrogant and continue to call even after I asked them not to call they have an F rating with better Bureau. Shame on them

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Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

**IMPORTANT** These guys keep calling from a list of 1000's of disposable numbers therefore if you are going to lodge a complaint with the FTC National Do Not Call registry ( ) you must use American Pro Energy main 877-681-3976 number ( 8776813976 ) so that all of the complaints are grouped together. In the comments section list the specific number that showed up on your caller id.

Michael Oliver
American Pro Energy lawsuit

UPDATE!!! Lawsuit has been filed as of Nov 6, 2015

Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

No idea how they got my number. Wont stop calling me regardless of how many times I request them to. I tried telling them I am renting once. They called again and I told them that I have solar panels already. Nothing works. They call from a different number every time and every day of the week. They are very rude. There is absolutely no way they are getting my business ever.

Re: American Pro Energy won't stop calling me

I've gotten many, many harassing calls from these asses and repeatedly asked to be removed from their call list. Finally filed a complaint with CA attorney general's office, FCC and FTC. When the next call came, I asked the guy to please spell his name for me. After he gave me first and last, he asked why I wanted his personal information. I very nicely explained that it was documentation so that I could add his name to my complaints with those 3 organizations, which were investigating American Pro Energy's scam and refusal to abide by the Do Not Call registry. He hung up. Did the same thing with the next caller. But my most fun with these bozos so far is this: As soon as the caller starts to identify himself or herself, say very sweetly, "Oh, could you hang on for a second please?" Then put the phone down and just go about your business. They will wait a while (a couple minutes in one case) but soon hang up. Makes them crazy. And I love to waste their time, just as they do to us.

Re: American Pro Energy: (877) 681-3976

Per the one of the comments, I called this number: (877) 681-3976 and asked for my phone number to be removed. Without attesting to truthfulness or sincerity...the gentleman who answered my call was apologetic and assured me the number I gave him would be removed from the list. I asked him who are these people who are calling, to which he answered that they may be student volunteers, etc. I asked if they were from the Philippines because every single caller has had a distinct filipino accent. He said no because they operate in the United States. only. I hope the calls stop!


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