Internet Security For Beginners

Is high-speed internet secure?

A few years ago nobody worried about 'security' on their computer. Computers were slow, there was no internet, and viruses were few. Even when you were on the internet it was usually only for short periods of time - usually because of the high cost of an internet connection. These days with high speed PC's, high speed internet and Operating Systems with seemingly never ending security problems (such as Microsoft Windows) it's very important to take steps to stay secure!

But if you are still using a dial-up modem (a modem that connects over your telephone line) today, make the mistake of thinking that your computer is safe! The fact is, if you are connected to the internet your Windows computer is at risk unless you take steps to protect it. This is true regardless of who your internet provider is - even if your provider is AOL, which claims to "make your computer safe"..

Windows Makes Hacking Easy!

Windows has great networking features that make setting up a home network easy for beginning computer users. However turning on these features can leave your computer wide-open to attacks from hackers and internet worms! If have a home network and you connect to the internet with a dial-up modem, follow these steps to close this potential security flaw:

  • Open Control Panel, find "Network" (or Network Connections) and open it by double-clicking
  • Find the TCP/IP protocol listed for the Dial-Up Adapter and Click on Properties.
  • Click on the Bindings tab, and uncheck (remove the check-mark in the box by clicking on it with your mouse) the File and Printer Sharing option.

After you make these changes Windows will prompt you to reboot. After rebooting your computer will be secured from this particular File and Printer Sharing vulnerability. Unfortunately for computers running Microsoft Windows, there are hundreds of other security risks!

Is A High Speed Internet Connection Less Safe?

As stated above, connecting to the internet with an 'old fashioned' telephone modem can be safer because you are only connected to the internet for short periods of time. But today, if you have a high speed DSL or Cable connection to the internet, your computer is prone to attack every time it's powered-on, the entire time it's powered on!

Is My Windows Computer Secure?

Unless you have taken steps to make your computer secure, you can be certain that it is not safe! Some of these steps include installing a hardware firewall, software firewall, antispyware software and anti-virus software.

More information and links on how you can protect yourself from these security threats?

Read the pages on prevention and using a secure internet browser. All the information and tips on these pages are very easy to understand and very basic, but from them you will learn everything you need to know to stay secure on the internet. For further and more advanced reading, or other resources, see our learning more page.



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