The Android Market Gets Assimilated By Google Play

The Google Borg - GoorgIn a scene vaguely reminiscent of the Borg, Google has decided to reshuffle the Android market under a different name. It is now going to be called "Google Play". The huge servers handling the ebooks, videos, music and those mobile apps are going to be grouped together. The move comes after Google also recently classified gmail, blogspot, and Google+ under a single identifying account. The act of assimilating the Android Market should have been anticipated.

The Android market semi-disappearance is the result of Google believing the name is too restrictive. Since mobile devices are getting more powerful by the quarter, they can handle more files. The processors of many flagship Android smartphones are dual and sometimes quad core beasts that make the laptops of a few years ago look somewhat useless. The mobile scene changes like the wind and Google themselves is doing a lot of the blowing. They were the first major company to get their meathooks into mobile, saying things like, "Put your best people on mobile". They have overtaken much of their competitors. Together with Apple, they have managed to rule 91 percent of the mobile ad traffic. That is quite an impressive feat, considering Android was "assimilated" by Google just seven years ago.

The model to follow though, is Apple. This is what is happening with the disappearance of the Android market. Just like "iTunes" covers a lot more than just music, "Google Play" is going to cover the gamut of Google life. It is not just going to be "music" now, it is going to be "Google Play music". It is no longer going to be "Google books", it is going to be "Google Play books". It almost sounds like we are being taken back to Kindergarten. The big change is already in effect if you have not yet taken a look. The Android market is now "" so update your bookmarks.

The people who are going to be browsing the new Google Play store will not necessarily have to have an Android smartphone to do so. Any old browser will do. The idea has been on the minds of Google workers for quite some time. Today was the day they decided to take action. The digital entertainment hub is now in force. It is assumed that an Android user will be able to synchronize their mobile phone with their tablet easier with this homologous new idea as well. The earlier rumors that "Google Play" meant a new touchscreen tablet was in the works was an error. Sometimes internet rumors are just plain junk.




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