Any Ebayers up in here???

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Re: Any Ebayers up in here???

 Yay, I love ebay. I just recently started buying from there more often. Anytime I'm not able to find something in the stores, I can count on ebay to have it and for a good price too!



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Re: Any Ebayers up in here???
[quote=rtc680]I didn't see a thread for ebay selling/buying, so I thought I'd start one. I hope that's ok.  I hated my 9-5 job at a PR firm in NYC so i started selling more on Ebay. It's been about 6 months since I started and I made a net profit last week of nearly $600! not too shabby.  what i like to do is sell designer used and new clothes that friends/colleagues don't want anymore (at a 50/50 consignment split). I also go to places like ross, tjmaxx, marshalls, burlington coat factory, etc and buy designer bags, sunglasses, clothes, etc on sale and sell them at a %100-%500 profit on ebay. it's fantastic! my ebay user ID is parkslopecouture. i sell everything from michael kors, juicy couture, ralph lauren, cole haan, and lots more. is anyone else an active ebayer? i thought GuG would be a good place to share tips and gain exposure. hope this was ok to post!:) [/quote] Do you have a "blog?"


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