Anyone Been to Hershey Park?

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Anyone Been to Hershey Park?

The fam is headed to Hershey Park soon. Never been there. All I can think about is life size amusement park rides made out of chocolate. I'm sure this isn't the case. So, anyone who has been there that can offer ride advice, tips & tricks, little 'must know's, or see this first, that last, don't go on this ride, etc.......I can probably shower you with chocolate kisses when I return!

Thanks in advance for your forthcoming advice.


Re: Anyone Been to Hershey Park?

It's been several years since I've been there, so I'm sure the rides have changed since then, but I'm still struck by how CLEAN the place was.  This Jersey Girl is used to Six Flags/Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, the place is always littered.  Hershey Park was immaculate!  Wear comfy shoes, you'll be doing a LOT of walking, and the park has a fair number of hills.


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Re: Anyone Been to Hershey Park?

I have no advice, but when my sister lived in Pennsylvania, she took the kids and absolutely loved the place. She said it even beatout six flags on her one to ten scale.

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