anyway to access our son's gmail without hacking?

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Re: anyway to access our son's gmail

Apple has the VPN option on their phone primarily for businesses.

Upon reflection, if you were really concerned about Comcast knowing/storing what websites you go to, a VPN could actually help with that, as could a Proxy.. By using a VPN or Proxy, Comcast would only know that you connected to the proxy or VPN.. anything you do after that would not be visible to them.. For more info on that Google search for "TOR" or "The Onion Router"

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Re: anyway to access our son's gmail

Hmm...checked out TOR which has technical info WAY over my head, but as far as I can tell, won't let me run videos like YouTube, and on "test" didn't let me access iCloud— got this message: The site you are attempting to browse is on a secure connection. This proxy is not on a secure connection." And it wouldn't continue.

So then found "Open VPN", which looks very simple. I think. And only $6 year. But:

1. Could I watch videos, access iCloud?
2. Will I have to change configuration on my iPhone & iPad?
3. Does hide my IP address traffic Comcast? Should I ask them?

Re: anyway to access our son's gmail

yah, you would have to ask them those things.
For me, I have never found the hassle (or cost) to be worth it.
When I want to be private I either use to check the website, or, i just dont visit the website at all. To me, trying to use the internet 100% privately is like trying to drive or walk down the street privately.

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access our son's gmail without hacking?
You shouldn't be spying on your son besides if you have to ask you probably won't be able to figure it out.


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