Help for people on AOL, or people who have just quit AOL

Many AOL users do not realize that they can use Microsoft Internet Explorer or, Firefox to surf the internet, even while subscribing to AOL. To surf the web while using Internet Explorer or Firefox, simply connect to AOL as usual. Once connected, just minimize AOL, then open Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can now access websites using your AOL internet connection, but using Internet Explorer or Firefox instead! Although this sounds simple, many of the GrownUpGeek's customer that subscribe to AOL were not aware of this!

AOL Mail

AOL Mail has some nice features. But if you have recently cancelled AOL or choose to no longer use AOL Mail, you have many other options, most of which are free. See our how to get free eMail page for more information.

Security without AOL

If you have just cancelled AOL and are no longer protected by the AOL security features, you need to be certain that your PC is protected against spy ware, hackers and viruses. See our security and prevention page for more information.

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Is the spyware reliable on AOL?

As far as the filters for email and stuff, it's pretty good. As for the spyware you download with the safety and security center, it's mediocre at best. I have it cause it's free. Which is decent since aol is not my internet provider. But I have others as backup as well. I rely on Ewido for really good spyware removal.

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