Apple Computers

A few years ago most people laughed when you mentioned Apple computers, but today it's a different story!

Mac OS X is better than windows Today's Apple computers are fast, well-designed, and most importantly, they are virtually immune to "in the wild" spyware, adware, virus, and other security issues that target Windows PC's!

Apple computers don't do Windows!

And this means they don't suffer from the problems that plague most Windows users! Apple computers run a proprietary version of UNIX which is as stable or more stable than Windows.  Because of the lack of spyware, virus, popup programs and other annoying problems that plague Windows, Apple computers are the best choice for new users or long time Windows users that are sick of constant security threats, virus attacks and pop-up ads.

There is plenty of software available that runs on an Apple!

Contrary to urban legend, there is lots of software available for Apple computers. You can be certain that there is an Apple program for anything that you want to do. Another myth is that Apple computers are more expensive than windows computers. Well, you can get an Apple Mac Mini for $499. Does that sound expensive? And don't worry, you can use all your files (word, excel, quicken, etc) on an Apple!

Making the 'switch' is easy!

Apple now has Intel inside If you already have a Windows computer and are considering making "the switch" to Apple, remember that your current software will not run on an Apple. If you have a large investment in software, it may be too expensive to re-purchase Apple versions of all your programs. However, all Apple computers come pre-loaded with several award winning programs for doing what most people want to do with their computer. iPhoto for photo management and editing, iTunes for music, iMovie for movie editing, and iDvd for creating DVD's are all excellent programs and far better than any cheap 'add-in' trail software that that comes on virtually all Windows PC's.

Even though I work on Windows PC's for a living, I recommend Apple computers to all my customers for home use.

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Updated Oct 2009 for clarity



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