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iPod Nano 4gb

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Apple iPod Nano 4-GB
Reviewed by: The Grown Up Geek
Purchase date: November 2005 (early x-mas gift to self)
Purchased from: Online
Price paid: $249 (free shipping)
Overall grade/comments: Absolutely love this thing! I don't know how I lived without it

Being a "grown up" geek, I listen to more 'talk radio' than music, so the thought of purchasing an iPod never crossed my mind. Each time I saw someone with an iPod or other MP3 player connected to their ears, I usually thought something along the lines of "stupid kids these days" - that was, until I discovered the amount of podcasts available on the internet. When I realized that I could use an iPod or MP3 player connected to a radio to listen to podcasts at work, i had to have one.
I did quite a bit of research on different MP3 players and initially shyed away from a true iPod verses a less-expensive MP3 player, however once I compared the features that I wanted: Solid state memory (not a hard drive because they are too fragile) and a small profile - I found that byte-for-byte of storage, the iPod was a better deal. Not to mention that the iPod is just far more cool.

iPod: Class redefined

I could tell the iPod (or Apple in general) was a class-act when my iPod arrived via UPS. The packaging and box looked like it was designed by Gucci or Donatella Versace, not a computer hardware manufacturer. The packaging looked so nice, I could not bring myself to throw it away - I stored it safely in the closet so I can admire it again in the future.

iPod Nano: Ease of use

The iPod came with the signature white earbuds, a very simple carry-case, and a CD with iTunes. Instead of using the (older) version of iTunes on the CD I downloaded the most recent version of iTunes directly from Apple's web-site, plugged-in the iPod, and everything just worked. It took me some time to get used to the Apple way of storing music and podcasts in iTunes. I no longer had to worry about filenames or file and folder locations. I just dragged my music from a CD into the iTunes library. Dragging existing .MP3 files was also a snap. I did spend about 15 minutes going through Apple's online iPod/iTunes help demo, which I highly recommend.

iPod Nano: iTunes Music Store and Podcasts

After learning about how to use iTunes by reading the online help demo at Apple's website I was ready to download some podcasts. Finding and downloading podcasts via the iTunes music store was a snap! Click into the Podcasts section of the iTunes Music Store, search for what I was looking for, and click subscribe - Subscribing to a podcast does not mean you are purchasing it, it simply means that iTunes will automatically download all new podcasts from that subscription into your iPod.

iPod Nano: More than just Podcasts!

After subscribing to about 15 different podcasts, iTunes showed that the memory in my iPod was still about 95% UN-used! I used this extra storage to import about 500 of my old favorite songs from my CD collection. This task was very simple, but took the better part of a day due to the number of songs I imported. My iPod now has just over 500 songs, about 8 hours of podcasts at any given time, and still has about 500MB of free storage!

iPod Nano: Yes, it DOES scratch easily!

While doing the research on the iPod before I ordered it, the one drawback I could find is that it scratches very easily. I intially wanted a black Nano because it looks better, but ended up getting the white model because I read that it shows scratches slightly less than the black. To protect my Nano I purchased some protective cases at Best Buy before the Nano even arrived. These cases (a pack of 2 cost $19.99) did protect the Nano from scratching, but made it difficult to plug in the connector that goes to my PC. I ended up ordering some Sport Grip Nano cases online from Marware. I like these cases to much I've done a separate review on them.

iPod Nano: Bottom line

I love my new iPod Nano, I highly recommend one to anyone that wants a small, durable, music/podcast player.



These things are great and perfect for working out etc and not having your regular ipod with you, i have a bunch of ipod nano cases as well mainly to keep it dry and from getting scratched up plus each is a different color.

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