Apple is the Best Marketing Company in the World

After today's Apple iPhone 5S and 5C announcement there is no argument to be made that Apple is the best marketing company in the world. They did not announce anything truly revolutionary but they did such an amazing job of keeping everyone on the edge of their seat for over one full hour. Google and Microsoft have struggled greatly when it comes to these launch events as they sometimes get bland or just last too long. If you would have told me I had to wait over one hour to find out the price of the iPhone 5S I would have told you to shove it. Well, guess what I did? I sat around and kept checking Twitter and the live updates to see the final price of the iPhone 5S. During other launch events like the Samsung Galaxy S4 I was completely bored and had no intention of watching more than 15 minutes of the launch event. Apple has the team and the knowledge to market a product unlike any other company in the world. For this reason, the iPhone 5S is going to be one of the best selling phones in history.

The iPhone 5CApple Marketing example

I am not sure what to think of the iPhone 5C right now. Apple obviously wanted to get a little bit brighter in their wardrobe of phones but I am not certain it was necessary. As Rand Wilson and I have discussed many times, one of the great things about the iPhone is they are all the same. Now there are two different types of iPhones when it comes to hardware. If a wife has the 5S and a husband has the 5C they cannot switch cases and other accessories.

I know this might not be a big deal to many but I have quite a few friends that are pleased they have the same phone as their spouse or their brothers and sisters. Something that the iPhone 5C will do is bring about a little bit of competition for the cheaper Android models. With one of the iPhone 5C models being under $100 it is going to open the iPhone market up quite a bit. Now all those Android users that were trying to save money will be able to make an iPhone purchase for under $100. This is a huge market. Just ask WalMart how much they make off individuals who are trying to save a little bit of money. I would imagine that one of the largest sellers of the iPhone 5C during the holiday shopping season will be WalMart.

Even though Android diehards are making fun of the iPhone 5C today it could be a huge money maker for Apple. All Apple wants to do is to get more iOS devices in the hands of consumers. By lowering the price and offering a cheaper model they are going to do just that. What is interesting is that Apple is smart enough to continue to offer the high end or elite model as well. To add icing to the cake the high end model is going to come in high end colors such as gold. The first picture I saw of the gold iPhone was a joke but the final product is much better; as to be expected. Now that Apple has the lower end market and the higher end market there is a chance they will start to catch Android for overall market share once again. This will be a battle that is very fun to watch over the next few years. It is no longer the case that a smartphone must have amazing features. It is more of a status symbol and a fashion statement these days. Whoever has the most fashionable phone might be the one that wins out in the long run. This is how Apple got back on the map when the iPod first came out. Steve Jobs know the music provider must be fashionable so he made it that way. A decade later Apple is still one of the largest tech companies in the United States.

Apple vs Google

This has been an ongoing theme for my articles for quite some time. The iPhone interest had gotten stale prior to today's launch but they turned things around quickly. All of this due to great marketing. I do wonder when they will eventually air this type of event for the world to watch. There were several tech websites that were broadcasting live. A number of websites had live blogs going but it was not available on TV stations like CNBC or Fox Business. I know there are plenty of legal issues with this but with the amount of money Apple has one would think they could air it on or partner with a major business channel to actually produce the event in real time. I have absolutely zero experience when it comes to the legalities of this type of stuff so it may be impossible. I do know Google has streamed live events via YouTube but, as we know, Google actually owns YouTube. At this point Apple does not own a live streaming video service or a TV network. With the amount of money they are printing they could purchase a TV network but they are in the hardware business and it doesn't look like they are all that interested in continuing to advance the Apple TV.

Google will be announcing the Nexus 5 sometime in the very near future. There have already been leaked pictures of the Nexus 5 and it looks as if it will have a 5.2 inch screen compared to the 4.7 inch screen on the Nexus 4. One would imagine it will have tons more power and a better camera as well. That said, there are still marketing issues with this phone because Google does not do the launch event nearly as well as Apple. It will be interesting to see what purchase I make for Christmas 2013 so stay tuned.




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