Apple Two-factor authentication

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Apple Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication relies on carrying “trusted device.” What if I don’t wear my iPhone 24/7? I often walk dogs without it (intentionally, for peace and quiet) and stop for coffee, etc. I may want to log into iCloud email from friend’s device or library computer, but can’t without “trusted device” to get code. Any way around this? Or just don't activate the two-factor option? Thanks.


Re: Apple Two-factor authentication

No way around it. If you want to enable Apple/iCloud 2-factor authentication, which makes your account as near to hack-proof as is possible, you will need to have that trusted device any time you log-on to a new device.

If you have previously logged-on to your friends device and opted to "remember" that device (you will need your trusted device with you to do this) then Apple will remember that computer for 30 to 90 days (dont remember exactly how long) and you will be able to log on to it without your phone (trusted device).

You don't have to activate two-factor authentication, but it is a smart idea - I have enabled it in all services that I use that support it.

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