Apple Unveils the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Apple LogoToday Apple held a major press event and just as expected they announced a soon to be released iPhone. To the surprise of some people Apple actually announced two upcoming iPhone modes, the 5S and the 5C in order to capture more of the market. The 5S is an upgrade of the iPhone 5 as you would expect, but the iPhone 5C is essentially a cheaper version of the iPhone that will be much easier for people to afford.

Most people are interested in the iPhone 5S, primarily because it is supposed to be better and faster, but beyond that there doesn’t appear to be much else that changed. It looks just like a normal iPhone and in most ways it is just an upgraded iPhone 5S, but if it is as fast as they claim it'll definitely be a popular seller. Possibly the coolest addition to the iPhone 5S is a new fingerprint reader built into the home button, this is likely to be the future of smartphone security and Apple is leading the way.

The more surprising newcomer to the iPhone stage is the iPhone 5C. The 5C will be available to consumers for $99 or $199, depending on storage, and will be officially available on September 20th along with the 5S. The iPhone 5C is actually almost identical to the iPhone 5, the only real differences is the addition of a nicer front facing camera as well as a plastic shell rather than metal. The iPhone 5C is expected to be a top seller by executives at Apple and it definitely looks like they will be correct. If you are considering getting an iPhone and want to save some money, the iPhone 5C might be the way to go.




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