Apple Wants to Update Siri

Image of Siri being slow



Back when Siri first became available it was the coolest thing ever to hit the smartphone market. Everyone that had Siri was happy to use it all the time just to show off all of the cool things it could do, but now that Siri has aged a bit things aren't looking so great. Apple has said many times before that they want to improve and upgrade Siri and now it looks like things are getting serious.

Thanks to an official job posting from Apple we know that the company is hoping to "refresh and refine" Siri's dialog capabilities, so if you are talented and are looking for a job then this is something to take a look at. No word on what exactly Apple wants to change or how Siri will be improved but the fact that they're looking for some new talent to get the job done is definitely a sign that they want to make some actual progress.







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