The "Aquarius" GuG'ee≈

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The "Aquarius" GuG'ee≈

The Water Carrier

January 21 to February 19

Friendly and Humanitarian
Honest and Loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and Intellectual


How many "Aquarian's" do we have amongst us?

Are these "Top 10" traits accurate? Being born under the sign of the water, I can say that ALL top 10 are a sure fit ;)

Share your birth date here so we can give you a proper GuG Birthday acknowledgment. 




Re: The "Aquarius" GuG'ee≈

Happy Birthday to you all...

"this is the dawning of the age of Aguarius."

Re: The "Aquarius" GuG'ee≈

Ah, geez, guys, give me a break.  I'm a Leo, my sister was an Aquarius, my mother a Virgo, and my father a Scorpio, and I managed to get along with them all.

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