Are You For or Against Obama's Health Care Reform Plan?

For > Something needs to be done.
22% (5 votes)
Against > Obama's plan is not the direction we need to take.
57% (13 votes)
Neither > I am unfamiliar with Obama's plan.
13% (3 votes)
Other [comment below]
9% (2 votes)
Total votes: 23




i do agree that something needs done. people need to be able to have access to healthcare and meds.  not sure i agree with this plan though.  i've heard some pretty bad things about it but it has come from other people so i'm not too sure about it.  i'm also don't think i feel real good about the government having that much control over our health.

I have mixed feelings. I like the idea of universal health care. I dislike people being fined for not having coverage. I dislike how Medicaid handles patient care and physician reimbursement. Medicare is a lot better about reimbursement from what I understand. Although Medicare has been cutting reimbursement rates. What concerns me is that if physicians are no longer able to make a good amount of money we will see less young intelligent people entering this field. Medical school and specialty residencies are a massive investment of both time and money. What they do is nothing short of amazing sometimes. They deserve to have a good reward for the risk (financial) they take. Right now most specialties are under served. If they can't make money they will go into another field, law or engineering. Of course everything could just be fine. If it does pass you will for a fact have to wait longer to see any doctor. Right now you're only competing with other insured patients and a handful of self pay patients. Now imagine competing with every one in your region for that same appointment. Now you're waiting six or eight months just for a biopsy.

All that being said I am hoping that it works because I truly do want every person to have coverage and be able to use it. I have health insurance but a high deductible. If I go to the doctor even a few times I'm paying the entire bill. Something pretty major has to happen before I receive actual benefits. Thanks Humana.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

 Last i heard, the US was a democracy- not a socialist state. I dont want to pay more for someone else to have healthcare. Their health is not my problem. Are they going to chip in and pay for my mortgage, or my car payment? No? Then why should I be forking over money for their healthcare. Ive lived in countries where healthcare is socialized- it was nice for me at the time since I was a student and didn't have to pay squat. However, the 'grownups' who actually worked and had to pay 40% taxes? Not so awesome for them.

 Oh, and to comment on what pizzle said: Most doctors will HATE universal healthcare. They make money as a private practice. No doctor I know has made a killing working for a managed healthcare system. IN fact, around here, most doctors wont even take medicare OR medicaid (medical in california) because the pay is SO crappy! For example, an office visit which is generally speaking around $160- they get paid a whopping $32 from medicare. Medical pays even less- in the high teens (i want to say $17, but im not positive on that) What doctor wants to get paid $17 per hour? Thats ridiculous. The time, money and effort they put into medical school, internships, residencies, etc is worth more. Much, much more and they deserve every penny of it.

/end rant

"Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Living Dead Girl"

I do believe that Medicaid pays $13 or so a specialty office visit. Assuming there are no tests or anything actually done, just looking at the patient. Oh, and we already pay for other people's health care. Octomom costs California how much already? Several Squillion? But seriously, tobacco users cost tax payers lots of money.

So we already pay more for healthcare what's a few billion more?

I don't want to die without any scars. 

p to the izzle wrote:
But seriously, tobacco users cost tax payers lots of money.

i think they actually help us out a lot (unfortunately or fortunately?) w the tax they pay each time they purchase their smokes.


"Last year[2008], states collected more than $19 billion in cigarette taxes." source

If we are looking for a covert type of Genocide for our seniors, then it's a great plan. Seniors will have to decide if they can have a certain surgery or hip replacement or not, (as an example) due to cuts in medicare/medicaid, period. If they don't have the surgery they may not live longer, if they don't live longer, social security won't have to be paid. You do the math! What seniors do you know and love? Sound like a rational way to go now? This is not a Dem/Repub/Indep issue, this is an AMERICAN CITIZEN issue!! Get informed, read between the lines. Guess WHO will not be affected by the new health care plan? The president, and congress and their families...hmmm isn't that interesting? Illegal immigrants will be able to bring in their entire families for health care and cannot be refused, and then can send them home, WHO do you think will PAY for this??? This is only a minute part of the travesty with this health care "reform". Al Spechter, senator from PA was asked if he "read" the health care plan, reply was quotes as "No, are you kidding?! It's over a 1,000 pages." And he will vote for it!

We have an exchange medical student at work right now and one of my doctors was grilling her about her countries socialized medicine. She said it's way better than what we have set up over here. I thought her perspective as a medical professional was fairly important. 


I apologize for how long this is.  I didn’t want to comment on this until I had completed reading  the proposed Health Care bill.  While I do feel this country does need some health care reform, after reading all of this proposal, (yes, I read all 1017 pages of the house version),  I can not in any way see how this is going to solve our health care problems.   The bill basically will establish a number of “committees” and “advisors”, who will then determine what kind of health care we have and how it will be administered. I believe all of this lack of specifics of coverage is what has so many people reluctant to sign on to the Health Care Reform bandwagon.  There are however, many pages of rules and regulations spelling out participation requirements, and taxes and penalties for failing to do so.  So basically we are getting a document that tells you what happens if you don’t comply, but does not tell you exactly what you are getting. 


There is the   “SEC.  123. HEALTH BENEFITS ADVISORY COMMITTEE  which shall be a panel of medical and other experts   to recommend covered benefits and essential, enhanced,   and premium plans.


 The HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGE will administer coverage for all individuals or companies who are required to obtain coverage through enrollment in an Exchange-participating health benefits plan unless such individuals are enrolled in another qualified health benefits plan or other acceptable coverage. However, all OTHER health plans must also adhere to the rules as set forth by the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, so even if you keep the same insurance company you  have now, there is NO guarantee it will be the same COVERAGE you have now.   So when Mr. Obama said you could keep the insurance you have now, he only meant it might be the same company, but the coverage will have to conform to the HBAC rules.


If you choose not to participate, you will have to pay a tax that will be equal to what the average insurance premium would have been.  Company’s that do not comply will also have to pay various fines, taxes and assessments.  Company’s that participate, will  be given “credits”, but no credit  shall be allowed under subsection (a) with respect to qualified employee health coverage expenses  paid or incurred with respect to any employee for  any taxable year if the aggregate compensation paid  by the employer to such employee during such taxable year exceeds $80,000.  So if you make more than $80,000, your company doesn’t get any “credits”



The Plan calls for a “Retiree Reserve Trust Fund” and allocates $10 Billion dollars to it.  I’ve read through it several times, and I am not sure exactly what this is supposed to provide.   I have seen some information that it is a provision  to subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans such as UAW and ACORN.   


 The government will establish a Medical Devices Registry.  Purpose, validating methods for analyzing patient  safety and outcomes data from multiple sources and for linking such data with the information included”.  Is this another way of saying, “this device may possibly help you to get well, or allow you to live a  productive life, but  it didn’t help ENOUGH people, so you won’t get approved to use it.” 



      Among the many duties of the Assistant Secretary for Health Information is to  ensure “the collection, collation, reporting,  and publishing of information (including full and  complete statistics) on key health indicators regarding the Nation’s health and the performance of the Nation’s health care.  To  ‘‘(ii) include standards, as appropriate, for the collection of accurate data on health and health care by race, ethnicity, primary language, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, socioeconomic status, rural, urban, or  other geographic setting, and any other population or subpopulation determined appropriate  by the Secretary;”   


Ok, who is going to collect all of this information and get it to the ASHI?  For those you who would like to read it for yourself, it is on page 973 of the House Version of the bill.


I feel sure that there will be many cuts in payments made to Medicare Suppliers, because of these Advisory Commissions, and their way of determining what is the appropriate fee.  Payments made to nursing homes for instance,  “shall be based on aggregate costs during a stay in a skilled nursing facility and not on the number  of days in such stay.”   Obviously the nursing homes are going to want to get people “out” as soon as possible. 


I know one thing for sure.  There is no way this plan can be accomplished without hiring an outrageous number of people to keep up with all these rules and regulations.  People to verify your income, people to take your payments, people to process your claims, people to  check up on the people who are processing your claims, the “Inspector General” and all his staff to make sure insurance companies are playing by the rules. And of course let’s not forget the Assistant Secretary of Health Information who is going  to keep track of your sexual preference. 


The number of government employees will have to increase at a preposterous rate to keep up with all of this.  I suppose this is what Mr. Obama meant when he said our “economic recovery” depended on the passage of this health plan.


Ohh C'mon.. It wont be any worse then going to the DMV!

..oh.. wait a minute..

i like the joke jay leno made about obama a couple weeks back.

"since being in office, obama has given money back to wall street, cut health benefits, and sent 50,000 more troops to war.  obama could just be the best republican president EVER!"


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