AT&T DSL Router with satellite internet service

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AT&T DSL Router with satellite internet service

I have a problem that I have searched the internet for and cannot seem to find the answer. I know the answer exists, but I can't find it.

I have had AT&T DSL internet service for several years. I am moving to a new house, and they don't offer their service in that area. I had to subscribe to Keyon, a satellite or radio-wave signal internet service.

I have a Gateway 2701-HG DSL modem from my service with AT&T.

Keyon installed the dish/antenna and laid the wiring for the signal through an ethernet cable.

If I use the ethernet cable directly in my computer, everything is fine. The signal is there, the internet is there, it's all fine.

I have 3 other computers, all set up for wireless.

I want to (somehow) plug the ethernet cable into the gateway router, and use the router as a wireless (hub?) to allow the other computers to use the internet.

There are 4 ethernet cable ports on the router, and a DSL (phone jack) port (which of course I cannot use).

The tech that installed the dish/antenna said that he had come across 20 or so of my exact router and somehow they made it work, but HE PERSONALLY was not the one that configured things to make it happen.

The only info he could remember was something about the DHCP setting(s) or something that needed to be adjusted. However, he could not figure it out.

In the end, he left, and I am left with the service coming from the dish/antenna directly into one computer.

I need my other computers, and I need to find out how to make the router act as a "transmitter" for the internet to the other computers.

I need:
one computer to be hooked up through an ethernet cable, and;
three computers to recognize the internet signal coming from the router
(this second part about the 3 computers is not a problem for me as long as I can get the internet signal to come into the router. (I also need it to be able to be sent back out of the router through another ethernet cable to the one wired computer.)

Please, please please help, and thank you , thank you , thank you in advance for any help anybody can provide.

Mike S.

- Oh one last note - I know this can work somehow, I don't want to buy any additional hardware. Money is tight for me.



Re: Gateway 2701-HG DSL modem

I know nothing of this particular router. You should find some documentation on it, and read thru it. Assuming it is possible to do what you want, it sounds like you probably just need to enable DHCP and make sure the wireless is activated.
Have you been able to log-on to the router and see/change the settings? Plug your computer directly into it and enter "" into your browser and see what you get. If you can get that far it probably has online-help for all the different settings.

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Re: AT&T DSL Router with satellite internet service
This 2Wire device has the roles of DSL modem and router and it won't give up its job as a modem without one he|| of a fight.  It's a POS anyway.  My advice is to eBay your 2Wire and go to Wal-Mart and get the least expensive 802.11b/g/n Belkin or D-Link router.  A Belkin N-150 goes for under $30.  My reasons for recommending those two brands relate mainly to the compatibility between the router and future household peripheral (wireless HDTV, NetFlicks devices, etc.). Buy new - don't get a used router. If you have neighbors in close proximity or use a 5.8 or 2.4GHz cordless house phone, set your new router up to use channel 3.

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