Audio help please?

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Audio help please?

Ok so I want to know if the deck amp and sub combination i have is going to sound good. I have spent the last month gathering an amp and sub and deck,. I have a eclipse that is 2 yeaRS OLD AND A kENNWOOD MONO 1000 WATT AMP(kac-8104D) AND 2 MTX 10'S THUNDER 4000 i THINK. THE SUBS ARE OLD THEY ARE FROM 2001. Is this a good combination of audio stuff to make my bass not hit really hard but smooth deep heavy bass??? I just have to buy a amp kit and install. all together I paid 100 for the kenwood brand new on e bay and 65 for the 2 10's. the 10's are in a plexiglass box. so anyone who can comment tell me what you think???
Thank you ever-so much



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Re: Audio help please?

 1000 watt amp is overkill for two 10's. At least that's my opinion. But 1000 watts is probably max. What's the RMS? That's the important number. Or really the most important questions is what is going to balance out all that bass? 10s are my preferred sub size. Good punchy bass. I listen mostly to metal but 10s can handle rap as well. Just not as well as 12s or 15s would. Keep in mind you need a good thick power cable to make sure there is enough juice getting to the amp. And make sure you have a decent sized ground wire that is well grounded and no more than 12 inches in length. 

Re: Audio help please?

3 things to start:
Is this your sub? 

If so, what model 10 is it?

What type of badpass box is it?
do they both face the same way, do they face towards each other, or at about a 90 degree angle?

The shape of the box will change how the subs push on each other and how much stress they can take.

 The sub's model is important because of the ohm rating. Ohm measures resitance. With different ohm values, come different wiring options. Also its important because you amp will have different outputs.

Your amp (KAC-8104D) will run 300W RMS (continuous output) when the speakers are wired at 4 Ohms, and it will put out 500W RMS at 2 Ohms. It is a Class D mono sub amp, so it is built well and ready to put out very clean bass. I have a similar spec Clarion amp.

According to your subs' tech specs, they RMS at 200W and max out at 400W. Because they max out at 400W, I wouldn't reccomend running them at 2 Ohms. That amp will max out at 1000w, which means when the bass hits a good strong note, it could surge up to 1000W. Even for just a couple of seconds, that would easily blow these subs. If you decide to try it, keep the gain turned down and the bass boost off, then slowly turn it up as needed.

Hooking up the subs: Here is a site that does a good job explaining the impedence (ohms)
If you have 2 x 4 Ohm subs and you hook up both positive leads together and both negative leads together, they are now running at 2 ohms.
If you have 2 x 8 Ohm subs and you hook up both positive leads together and both negative leads together, they are now running at 4 ohms.
If you have 2 x 12 Ohm subs and you hook up both positive leads together and both negative leads together, they are now running at 6 ohms.

The most common subs are 4 Ohm. If you do have those, then I reccomend hooking them up in Series, so they run at 8 ohm. You amp will be putting out about 150W RMS, which is lower, but you'll be able to turn up your bass bost which will give you a cleaner sound. Plus your subs are a little older. The higher wattage will couse them to jump more which could tear the rubber surround. Your amp has an 18db boost which is enough to make a big difference.


I used to install car stereo for several years during/after high school. I love installing bass systems. I've had several systems, from 6 JL audio W6 10's, multiple 2x12's, and now my current single DVC Infinity Perfect 10. Also the box can make a huge difference in how they sound. Check the spec sheet to make sure you have similar box specs. 

 You have a great amp and MTX makes good subs that last, you should be able to get some good bass out of that setup.


Let me know how it works out    :bigsmile:



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