AVG Resident Shield problem

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AVG Resident Shield problem

Hey you guys, im hopping you can help me.
I just got rid of my norton anitvirus program (i downloaded the removal tool, kudos to this site b/c of that as well) and by reading some posts in here i decided to try AVG, the only problem im having right now is that the Resident Shield in the AVG keeps turning itself off. Everyone once in a while a little pop up would come up and say that my AVG is turned off, then i'll click on it, and it'll say the Resident Shield is not active, i'll click on that but it is active. i tried to dis activate it and then re-activate it again and then it'll be fine. Sometimes it'll go fix itself entirely though. Anyone else have that problem? i did a full scan with the AVG, and everything came out fine. Do i have a virus or something that the AVG cant detect or something?



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Re: AVG Resident Shield problem

i had a problem in the past with the resident shield causing pages to load slowly, so i disabled the addon in my browsers.  but when avg acts up often it gets fixed in an update.  unfortunatly avg's support is pretty lame and they take a day or so to reply back. 

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Re: AVG Resident Shield problem

I'm going to assume a couple things. Let's hope I don't make an ASSoutofUandME. I always loved that one, any way. I assume you have AVG 8 and maybe even Vista. I found this on AVG's forum. Scroll down to rdsok's comment.


Although the whole thread has some other good stuff in it. Good luck.

Edit* If you have an older version of AVG now would be a good time to download the new version. Then uninstall the old version, then install the new version. Maybe even restarting the computer in between.

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Re: AVG Resident Shield problem

ahh, thanks you guys but i got the problem solved, man it took me a long time to get back onto this site! sorry about that. also i didnt really like the AVG program all that much so maybe i'll go look for another one suggested here.

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Re: AVG Resident Shield stops running
HOW did you get it solved???

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