It's Backup Sunday!

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It's Backup Sunday!

If you haven't already, go vote in today's poll:  How often do you backup your data ?

A while back, Leo Laporte coined the term "Backup Sunday!".  Every Sunday on his radio-show he reminds all Geeks in training to backup their important data.. 

Backing up your stuff does not need to be difficult and any real geek should make a backup at least every month or so, if not more.  Making a backup can be as simple as dragging-and-dropping a copy of your important files to a thumbdrive or CD/DVD, or as fancy and complex as automated offsite backup systems.

What should you backup?

You don't need to make copies/backup your entire computer (operating system, programs, etc) - you should already have backups of those in the form of your Operating System CD, original software CD's, etc.  What you should concentrate on is The stuff you have created such as:

  • Files and documents you have created (usually in your "my documents" and desktop in Windows or your 'home'/desktop in OS-X)
  • Files you've created and scattered around your hardrive - it's important to know "where" your files are stored so you can back them up!
  • Libraries such as iTunes, iPhoto, database programs, or other programs that store data.
  • emails and address lists:  if you use a program like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or MAIL.APP, make sure you capture/copy the files it creates, or export the messages/address for backup.  if you use online services only, like Hotmail or Gmail, you dont' have to worry (as much)
  • Bookmarks and Favorites - Don't forget about your Internet Explorer favorites and Firefox bookmarks!

Exactly HOW you backup all these things depends on your operating system, the programs you use, and how you make your backups.  Don't forget to keep a copy 'offsite' either with an online service or just a copy at the office, grandma's house, safety-deposit box, etc.  Having an "offsite" copy of your important files will protect you in a worst-case scenario like a flood or your house burning down.

If you are unsure about making a backup or have a question, post a comment below, or create a new forum-topic and ask.. We're here to help!

Remember:  There are two types of computer users -

  1. Ones that HAVE lost important data
  2. Ones that WILL lose important data

Will YOU be able to recover your 'stuff' when you lose it?


Jayson Krause
Re: It's Backup Sunday!

remember a easy way to backup bookmarks and favorites is MozBackup !

p to the izzle
Re: It's Backup Sunday!

I used to use Mozbackup but now that I have several OSes scattered across multiple computers I use xmarks (formerly Fox marks). Now y bookmarks are kept on the Xmarks server. I can log into any computer, install Xmarks and sync and all my bookmarks are safe.

I use Backintime for Linux to back up to my external drive. Scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I do random backups when adding important data. Like after I balance my checkbook. Or after adding a lot of photos.

Re: It's Backup Sunday!

and... Mr Pizzle.. WHERE is your offsite backup? what happens if the house burns down/floods/etc ?

p to the izzle
Re: It's Backup Sunday!

I keep copies of some important documents in gmail as attachments. I just email to myself. Luckily I'm not a particularly setimental guy so if my house burns down I'll just get new stuff. I also have a 4 gig flash drive I won from GuG that I keep some real important stuff on. It is always on my person. So if the house floods it's the second thing I would grab as it is attached to my car key. I'm not important enough for off site backup. 

Anonymous Visitor
Re: It's Backup Sunday!

i back up all of my files on a spare hard drive, a few thumb drives and the important stuff also goes to Mozy!

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